Training description

The Raspberry Pi is a nanocomputer designed by video game creator David Braben, as part of his Raspberry Pi foundation. With the approximate size of a credit card, this computer allows the execution of several variants of the free GNU/Linux operating system and compatible software.

This training is essentially based on the functionalities of the raspberry pi. We will make a physical description of the card and its devices. It will also be a question here of making a connection between Raspberry pi and home automation.

Training material
• Raspberry pi 3
• A suitable power supply
• A USB keyboard and mouse
• An HDMI cable connected to the Raspberry pi on the one hand and to a PC monitor on the other hand
• A router to access the Internet
• One Ethernet cable


The rasberry pi allows technicians from all fields to express themselves in the electronic discipline. It allows an improvement of domestic automated systems. Thanks to the simplicity of this tool you may be able to create your own home automation.

Scope of work

Below are the points on which this training will focus. The training is adapted to the difficulties encountered in the company.

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of raspberry pi
  • Installation of the OS and preparation of the raspberry pi software system
  • Familiarization with the LINUX environment
  • Brief overview of the basic brick of the python language
  • Exploitation of raspberry pi material resources
  • Practical exercise

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