Training description

The Training is essentially based on the understanding, management and resolution of failures of an automated system controlled by an S7-300 PLC. Here we teach the student all the little tricks related to manipulating the data in a Step7 program. We have already had to deal with various problems related to the incompatibility of DB, FB or UDT when developing a Step7 program. Here we teach you how to avoid these problems or how to manage them. It is all the more difficult to program a production line at full capacity. Many Programmers have difficulty modifying the Step7 program of a production line or machine in operation. Here you will learn how to manage this situation and what precautions to take to ensure that this process is successful.

As a prerequisite it is necessary to have knowledge of Programming, to be able to read and interpret the Grafcets, to already have basic knowledge of Siemens PLCs and automated production systems.

Training material
• SIEMENS S7-300 automates
• STEP 7 software on PG or PC
• Profibus DP ET200 Modules
• Operator panels type SIMATIC OP/TP
• PC Operating Part Simulator (PROSIMUL)


Locate failures with methodology on an installation controlled by a SIEMENS S7-300 or S7-400 PLC using STEP7 software on PG or PC.
Diagnose and replace identically a faulty component of the S7-300 or S7-400 automate

Scope of work

Below are the points on which this training will focus. The training is adapted to the difficulties encountered in the company.

  • Hardware overview and Programming tools
  • Creating a Project on SIMATIC Manager and debugging a Program Step 7
  • Interpretation of the state of an automat S300
  • Debugging a Step7 Program during an Industrial Production
  • Save a Project as well as the production parameters present in a automat S300

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Training price
100 000 CFA