K-Industry Cameroon offers various services for the supply and integration of industrial and consumer solutions, including production line automation, speed variation, wiring and renovation of electrical cabinets and TGBTs, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), acquisition of PLCs, sensors and detectors, instruments, supervision modules, electrical wiring for residential houses. Thanks to our specialized teams, you will benefit from effective support in solving all your problems.


Computer Engineering
Unavoidable field of modern technology; we are involved in various computer problems: computer networks; programming and databases….
Domestic electricity & Home automation
Essential field in everyday life, we have the necessary expertise to answer all your electrical problems related to your home….
Industrial Maintenance
Our multi-technical teams will also assist you in carrying out all your maintenance activities: maintenance contracts, new work and machine overhauls…
Mechanical Engineering
We also provide services in the field of general and industrial mechanics: installation and mechanical maintenance of engines…
Power & Energy
In partnership with Winsolartech Sarl; K-Industry Cameroon provides you with a complete offer in the installation and management of energy, including solar energy…