Our vision is to be a world-class leader, contributing to the success of our customers. Giving meaning to performance. We want to make kindustrie a truly sustainable company.

We actively invest in research and development to build a stronger society and communities, and we support all our employees in their development. This ensures that investors of the type of industry can support a company that acts in a sustainable way.


A number of key ideas have inspired the creation of typeustrie and continue to drive its development. They constitute what we call the kind of “dream” – a dream based on a set of values to which we are deeply committed. This dream has brought together an extraordinary team of men who are committed to building a company that lives up to their aspirations. In turn, this team has brought together, over the years, a clientele of whom we are extremely proud and whom we are committed to serving with the greatest competence.

To successfully create this highly favourable environment in such a context, kindustrie has developed a corporate culture based on participation in the life of the company and the attention that must be paid to each of its members. Our fundamental belief is that a company with an inspiring dream, high integrity, a human management philosophy and high values increases its chances of attracting quality people and meeting their deep aspirations.


To help our clients by providing them with professional services of the highest quality, competence and objectivity, in order to fully achieve their objectives, in business processes and management. In everything we do, we rely on partnership, intrapreneurship, teamwork and integrity, helping to build a world-class company.

In this mission statement, we wanted to describe not only the company’s raison d’être, but also our ambition and values. We want everyone to be able to understand in a few words these essential aspects of K-Industry Cameroon

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In order to avoid possible financial surprises, exceeding the allocated budget, the project is systematically stopped due to additional costs. Our accounting systems when preparing estimates or invoices take into account all the usual phenomena. Thus our quotes and invoices represent the necessary financing without additional costs for the execution of the project or work within the agreed deadlines.
Standardization consists in developing work bases based on the best work experiences. This reduces the error rate and working time, increases efficiency and facilitates optimization and maintenance. Thus kindustrie Sarl chooses to offer you all its services governed by standards appropriate to the field of application, the country or the continental zone. This guarantees a certified quality service.
For our services, it is essential that our customers always feel assisted and relaxed, before, during and after our services. This is why, as part of a quality and personalized service offer, we provide our customers with a qualified operator who will be able to assist you in your difficulties 24 hours a day.
The prices at K-Industry Cameroon are the result of a multiobjective optimization. Our objective is to offer a quality service, in a reduced time frame defying all expectations, with a cost minimized below the competition. Thus we provide our customers with quality/price services with a considerable return.