Indeed; it is an inexhaustible and infinitely developable wealth. Knowledge is almost the only capital that cannot be stolen.

All companies have access to a wide range of knowledge, from their understanding of customer needs and the business environment to the skills and experience of employees.

Useful and important knowledge already exists in your company. They can be found in:

  • The experience of your employees
  • Concepts and processes concerning your goods and services
  • Your document files (whether they are scanned, on paper or both)
  • Plans for your future activities, such as ideas for new products or services

The way a company collects, shares and exploits this knowledge can be essential to its successful development. This does not only apply to huge multinational companies. Knowledge management can benefit everyone

Using knowledge in your company does not necessarily mean imagining brilliant new products and services, or designing ingenious new ways to sell them. It’s much simpler.

Real capital is intelligence. And of this capital, no one can be stripped of it

The challenge is to exploit this knowledge in a coherent and cost-effective way.
Using this knowledge in the right way can help you run your business more efficiently, reduce business risks and fully exploit opportunities. This is known as the knowledge advantage This in order to promote the capacity for innovation and creation through better productivity of knowledge and know-how.

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